In the beginning

My name is Jennifer Hodges and I’m a candle maker.  I look about twelve in the cartoon to the right (or left?), but I’m not, I’ve been making candles for over two decades.  There was only one option in the cartoon-maker for looking older than this and it made me look skeletal and scary.  So we’re stuck with twelve and this is a blog about adventures in candle-making.

When I really was twelve, my parents bought me a candle-making kit for kids.  I was hooked, I loved the wax, the colours, the meltingness of it all and did little else until it was confiscated two weeks later following an Unfortunate Incident with an antique coffee table.  (Never play with a lit candle, people, and do not leave other people known to have moth-like tendencies alone with one.)

I had turned twenty-two before my mother judged that I was old enough for another kit.  No photographic evidence of what I made with it remains so here’s one I made later: